Monday, 23 February 2009


The Kiev Black Widow

We consider Svetlana Tsukrenko as the mother of all Ukrainian Pro Lovers. She lies as she breeds, an extremely good actress, or should we say CON ARTIST. She can make any men believe she's deeply in love; she can also infatuate the most experienced men. She has been working for online dating agencies at least for the past 5 years. We decide to call her "The Kiev Black Widow" after reading a report stating Black widow spiders are multiplying in Ukraine.

Be aware of this Pro Lover, she is extremely intelligent and heartless. She will never ask you for money. She chooses her victims after the first meeting. If you generous and naïf, she will rip you off without you even noticed. Meanwhile the agencies that introduce you to her are making money and share the profits with Svetlana.

We decide to award Svetlana Tsukrenko with a Blog only dedicated to expose her profile. If you have encountered that scammer, share with us your experience. Help other men to avoid being the next victim of Svetlana Tsukrenko, the Kiev black widow.

For further informations please visit the blog

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Did Mr. Tim Zelmer thought we bought their bullshit.

Source: 1888 Press Release, November 17, 2008

“At, we pride ourselves on not only listening to our customers, but doing whatever it takes to meet their needs,” said Tim Zelmer, Manager of Public Relations. “Over the years, the most common concerns our customers have had have revolved around the actual “how to” aspect of approaching the women on our site who they are interested in. Some customers felt intimidated about actually starting a conversation with a beautiful Russian woman in one of our chat rooms, while others weren’t certain about what the best ways to advance a relationship were after the initial conversation or email. The Dream-Marriage Dating Guide addresses those questions and concerns – and many, many more – with practical, easy to understand and implement tips, and so far the response to this section of our site has been 100% positive.”

Of course they help their customers “how to” get rid of their dollars.

“The Russian Dating Guide features hundreds of entries on topics as diverse as how to avoid getting scammed at online dating sites”

Mr. Zelmer you should introduce on your Russian Dating Guide the feature how to avoid getting scammed on Dream marriage. I understand Mr. Zelmer it's impossible mission.

“We firmly believe that for Dream-Marriage to continue to grow, both our current customers and our potential future customers need to have the tools and information to allow them to make their Russian dating experience the best it can be,” said Zelmer. “Our Russian Dating Guide is just one of the many ways that we are trying to ensure a positive, successful and fulfilling Russian dating experience for our customers. The hundreds of emails we receive from satisfied customers each month tells us that we are on the right track, and you can certainly expect further customer care areas to be added to the site in the near future.”

Mr. Zelmer with all those tools how come man still being scammed on your website. Of course like other online dating websites those figures are not part of your statistics.

"Founded in 2003, is one of the largest marriage and dating services for men seeking relationships with Russian women on the internet. The company has offices in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and other former USSR republics, and currently has over 120 partners throughout the former USSR. Dream-marriage plans to continue to expand the Russian Dating Guide with new entries for the foreseeable future."

Mr. Zelmer, Dream Marriage is one of the largest online dating confirmed fraudsters, and your experience goes far then 2003. I bet you are in your office in USA and you don’t know the reality of FSU countries. Your 120 partners, or should I say the local dating agencies are big time scammers.

" is a premier personalized marriage agency where client's satisfaction and concerns are our primary focus. We carefully select the ladies on our site by working with the most trusted local agencies throughout Former USSR. Recently we have introduced an industry innovation- "Confirmed Profile". This feature allows you to write to the girl knowing her identity was verified by the agency. All the ladies are real and we do not tolerate any form of scams."

Mr. Zelmer somebody has to tell you cannot trust those agencies, please get your ass out of your office and visit the local agencies in their countries. Swell the “Confirmed Profile” innovation helps a lot. Mr. Zelmer if you want to innovate you should add instead the “Confirmed Honesty” feature. Some of the ladies might be real, but are they serious about finding a man to marry…I know you have confirmed their intentions as well…get real Mr. Zelmer. Please add also a “Confirmed Good Intentions” feature. You do tolerate all forms of scams…either you’re blind or you consider your costumers as a bunch of ignorant idiots.

"We update our database daily and have 100% Anti-scam policy where no scam activity is tolerated."

It’s now common procedure; I must say it’s in vogue online dating agencies like yours introducing anti-scam policy. While you talk about other agencies and publish an entire lecture about dating scams you want to divert your costumer attention and not to alert. In reality you hope the costumer think you are serious by doing that.

Mr. Tim Zelmer you’re a laugh.

Monday, 9 February 2009


Under Investigation

We still investigating Darina Agency alias, the results will be posted very soon.

For the moment we can show our reader’s some signs of poor professionalism. By the comments of one of our reader’s we can also advance with certitude they are fraudsters. You may be sure the ladies intentions on that agency can be questionable.

One of our reader’s question if Darina Agency or is connected to We don’t think they are connected; the local dating agencies use those online dating sites to post their ladies profile. What we can question is the seriousness of the administrators of online dating agencies such as Dream Marriage, when we read on the press some of their absurd integrity statements. They must know how these agencies operate they share the profits.

Lets focus on Darina Agency…
On the member’s page you can read,

To send messages to the ladies before your meeting, we suggest you to register on our partner site:

Please check the link:

When we start to investigate Darina Agency activities their partner was,one of the BOGUS web sites, it’s possible before Love Lab their partner was

By the way we have contacted Anastasiya the manager of Darina Agency, and introduce her our blog, we know how they been reacting.

Another observation we can share with you, we let you be the judge.

Check those links:

Anastasiya and Margarita are the same person...or perhaps identical twins :)


Is Darina Agency connected to Dream marriage?

Hi Ron,

I read your press release on the Internet. Some time ago I had also a bad experience in Kiev with Dream Marriage, there was another agency called Darina involved. I wrote the all story below.

I was writing to 15 women in Kiev through Dream Marriage. I suggested meeting times for all of them for my trip to Kiev. They all disappeared, except a few who told me to contact agencies. When I got to Kiev about a week later they were all gone. A few had written that they were not available. Three had told me to contact agencies. The other 9 did not write back. Only one wrote back agreeing to meet. It was Irina sent her my new Kiev cell phone number and confirmed our meeting time and place. Irina wrote back saying it was a wrong number. But then Valentina called me. This is Valentina …since I’ve post this letter Valentina profile disappear, I attached a picture from her, a man has to be really desperate to meet this ugly hairy cunt. I never met Irina, Valentina had read the email I thought I was sending to Irina and taken my new Kiev cell phone number from it and called me. She said I had to pay $50 to meet Irina. I said no, that I wasn't paying twice, because I had already been corresponding. The time for the date passed.

I never met any single woman I'd written to through dream marriages, except Veronika.

The next day Valentina called me and said I could meet women I was writing to on dream marriages for free, and others for half price, at $25. I never met Irina. I met Veronika, who spoke almost no English. We had coffee and I had to end the date after 45 minutes because she wouldn't get off the phone. On dream marriage you can find Veronika as well
This having become a fraud investigation as much as anything else, I decided to meet a few women through Valentina. One woman told how her brother is a policeman who stops foreigners and takes their money. Another explained that her job audition to be a translator for an agency was to write letters to foreign men pretending to be interested in them. Valentina runs I cannot determine her association with Dream Marriages, except to confirm there is information sharing or has happens with other online dating sites the local agencies post these ladies profiles to get a wither range of men.

Another date through Valentina didn't show and was "replaced" on 45-minutes notice by Tatyana, I was told Tatyana was already in a taxi and that it would cost $15. Tatyana refused to go anywhere nearby for coffee, and knowing we only had 45 minutes for a date due to scheduling concerns she walked us all the way down Kreshatick street to TGI Fridays, refusing all other coffee places on the way, where she tried to order a $40 steak.
Tatyana was frumpy, not elegant or graceful, and had a hairy upper lip with somewhat thick, black hair. When I put a stop to the steak she ordered $35 worth of drinks and food while I had a Sprite. I left her there feasting away to go to my next meeting after paying. The day ended with Valentina arranging a meeting with my "top choice", Polina,, who marched off when I was about to pay Valentina the $25 for the meeting, claiming she was offended that I was paying in front of her. Maybe that was not perfect thinking on my part - but not grounds to walk off, especially for someone really interested in meeting. Valentina alleged she had told me something like this would happen if I didn't pay in advance.... except, she hadn’t. The whole thing seemed calculated to get me to make payments in advance. Valentina knew this was near the end of my time in Kiev.

I had seen Valentina before, last December, when I also visited Kiev (but
not using Dream Marriages). I had arranged a date with Ekaterina through Anastasia International. Here is a photo of her on Valentina's web site. When I got to TGI Fridays for our date, Valentina was there instead! Imagine my surprise. She said Ekaterina had to meet at another time, and wanted to show me a binder with lots of photos of other women. I declined the binder option and finally did meet Ekaterina, but she was cold, rude, and took us to a restaurant and ordered an expensive meal while barely speaking to me.

I have also noticed that Dream Marriages sends out form emails that were not written by the ladies. In fact, ladies I have met in person in Kiev have "written" me on Dream Marriages.

In short, Dream Marriages appears to be a total scam, and appears to be about 90% scam. You got real encounters like they promise, but the intentions of those ladies are very doubtful, that’s the remaining 10%.

Valentina knew when I was returning to my home country. In fact, a number of "ladies" had written to me on dream marriages saying they could not meet me but asking how long I would be in Kiev and where I was staying. This appears to be all information they use to help get money out of you - from paying for dates in advance that do not materialize to writing lots of new emails to you after they know you are gone. Along these lines, the day Valentina knew I was leaving Kiev by airplane, I received 9 emails from the other ladies on dream marriages, all claiming they just received my messages were very sorry to miss me and that they wanted me to come back.

I have learnt my lesson and YES I will be seeking (and I expect obtaining) a full refund through my credit card company.


Dream Marriage turns out to be a Nightmare. It's a total Scam.

Hi Ron,

This company pretends to represent mail order Russian brides. They charge u hundreds of dollars to even get the actual email to any of the ladies. My friend spent thousands to correspond and had young pretty girls all over him. Once he planned his trip they all disappeared! This rip off company also starts to bill you once you have cancelled the membership! I have had to cancel my credit card and get a new one issued since will not respond or will they do anything about it. They don't have any customer support only some Mexican woman on an answering machine. They pay girls to do web cam and pretend they are interested. IT’S A TOTAL SCAM!

Carl Robbins

Friday, 6 February 2009


Dream Marriage Dating website is an elaborate illusion.

Here is why:

1.Automated Pop Up windows appear that claim certain women what to chat with the customer. When I accepted the offer, there was no one chating with my comments.

2.If customer wants to send a gift to a women, gifts are offered on the website. I chose flowers to send to a women and was promised by the website that I would receive a picture of the woman receiving the flowers. The picture never came, no did I receive a receipt from a flower shop that my order had been processed.

3.My in-box is literally full of 200+ e-mails from different women allegedly wanting to talk to me. I'm not that good looking.

4.I received a response from a lady on the site, and when I replied back, I received the exact e-mail she allegedly sent yesterday. Exactly word for word.

5.Website address is based in Santa Monica. That city has a glamorous population and and full of models. Santa Monica has easy access to talent agencies in Hollywood and model agencies trying to get their clients' images out to the world. It is so easy to scan those photos and pretend a real person is active on the site. Compare this site to real Russian dating sites, and it is like night and day.

6.E-mails and profiles all read the same with different words. To me it looks like a man writing what a woman would think. Men don't understand how women think, so it looks shallow. That last comment is based on opinion of course. No evidence to back it up.




Hi Ron,

Congratulations for your blog, it will help us to better understand those bastards. I was on, it's outrageous the number of messages we get from women looking like models. Seriously they think all British men are stupid or what. We can find your PRICESSVICTORIA in there as well, check it out this link Please add these bastards on your blacklist.

We thank John for following the blog, we definitely appreciate his message. Be sure we will check the activity of and will add them on our blacklist as soon we confirm the fraud.

Meanwhile we post the link of this Professional Lover on Dream Marriage and others we checked. Dear reader’s be warned…

When we post the links from the BOGUS blacklist, PrincessVictoria was online in all of them at the same time. This is only possible if they connected to the same server using different masks.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009



DOB: 09.12.1978

This message comes from a reader who wishes to keep his identity secret.

Hi Guys,

You have an interesting blog there…very helpful, hope it works.
This Natasha Club and the others are a bunch of fraudsters. All those sites seem to be connected to a main server somewhere allegedly in USA, I’ve noticed when a user log to one of the sites the logging time is the same on all the others. Fortunately I wasn’t scammed for a long time, when I realise immediately give up. Check this out…I was in contact with a Kiev lady IRINA, when I discover her profile was posted twice on the same site, I’ve sent a message to tell her profile didn’t match mine…you know what she did…she blacklist me…can u imagine.
Take a look on those links on Russian Women Personals:




DOB: 09.09.1980
That Professional Lover can be found on all the blacklisted online dating sites. Her user name was Victoria4173 it was changed to PRINCESSVICTORIA few days after our client phone call. Our client spend his money to obtain her phone number and open their fake letters. She was rude on the phone and ask immediately money for taxi run. Our client made some questions about the content of the letters she wrote...she didn't have a clue of what he was talking about. She definitely work for a local agency who have posted her profile in all the BOGUS sites.



DOB: 15.10.1980
That Professional Lover can be found on all the blacklisted online dating sites. Her user name is DEO. Our client spend his money to obtain her phone number and open their fake letters. She answer the phone one time to justify the $50USD and then she plays she's to busy and never answer the phone or reply to sms. She definitely work for a local agency who have posted her profile in all the BOGUS sites.