Friday, 30 January 2009


"BOGUS" - Online Dating Web Sites

We will name “BOGUS” the group of sites controlled by 1st International Marriage Network. They all have the same “Modus Operandi”, you can also find the same “Professional Lover” profile on every one of them.
THERE IS FOR SURE MUCH MORE...HELP US TO FIND THEM. It’s easy to recognize they have similar characteristics.


We name “PROFESSIONAL LOVERS”, the women working for those agencies attracting men to FSU countries. Guys… be sure prostitutes have more dignity then these heartless b…..s, at least you know why you spending your money. Extremely professional in making you believe you have find the woman of your dreams, they will rip off all your money with false promises of eternal love. Come on, stay focus…they don’t want to marry you, they like the kind of life they living…can you imagine how many guys they see a day, all the money and gifts they get. You can also do some maths to all the commissions they receive in all restaurants or bar's they take you, even the apartment you might rent. Most of the agency's propose all those services, apartment rental, pick-up and drop-off at the airport, car rental, flowers and gifts services to your beloved "Professional Lover".

If you heard the story that Ukrainian or Russian guys are not interesting, are always drunk, bla, bla, bla… that’s bullshit. Like in every country there is good and bad people. It’s true there’s something like 10 women for 8 men on these countries, but you know what is the real problem for that kind of women! There's not enough rich man in their countries.

Eastern European ladies are beautiful and interesting and for sure not all are Professional Lovers, but finding the woman of your dreams on those online agencies is like finding a needle on a stack of hay. You should always give you time to observe the activity of the online agency you choose, and if you start to have doubts…STOP, you’re right… they are fraudsters. Well I know but there is that special lady who writes like an angel…are you sure it’s her writing to you!!! If you not sure anymore we can help you, send RON a mail.

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