Friday, 30 January 2009


The Scam
The text you’re about to read he’s based on a report of one of our clients. The client has hired our investigation services to formulate a refund request to his Credit Card Company after being scammed by Natasha club.

The real fraud on Natasha Club is the fact your paying to read the letters of a certain lady and in reality is a local agency staff member writing or answer to your letters. We will not explore the other frauds or scams possibilities even though pretty much evident.
We stay independent and not publish links from other dating scam sites, unless they become members of this blog. But we can advise our readers to google “dating agencies scams or frauds” “natasha club scams” or simply “dating scams”, you will find a lot of interesting information.

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You browsing the Internet looking for a dating site…you found one that’s seems correct and professional. They promise 100% satisfaction guarantee, checked profiles, all women are real, real encounters, free inscription, you name it. The first sign counts a lot, don’t be fooled by the web design doesn’t mean anything. Be always suspicious of everything that looks too good to be true.

You finally choose Natasha Club, and despite all fraud signs you decided to see how real it is. You register your profile…why not is free. As soon you register your profile you flooded by messages of incredibly beautiful girls…come on, doesn’t ring you a bell. Of course not…all these beautiful girls are sitting down in front of their computer writing you beautiful messages…very wrong.

Ok…you have ignored all those signs and you decided to buy some credits to read their messages. Nobody gives you anything for free…it’s free to register your profile, but if you want to read those ladies message you need to pay. I know your next observation… you telling your-self it’s normal you pay for the service…very wrong. Is not the lady of your choice replying to your messages, it’s a member of a local agency staff…oh by the way doesn’t mean that staff member is a female.

Lets do some maths…On Natasha Club and all the BOGUS online agencies you need to open at least 15 letters to ask for a lady contact. Imagine opening a letter from the lady of your choice costs 15 credits (1credit = 1usd). You need to pay $225USD to have their contact. You want to be sure you have the right lady so you choose 3 ladies to correspond with, which will cost $675USD. In the middle of those 3 ladies, there is other beautiful ladies messaging you, you get curious and you want to open their letters, the cost of a letter depends of the lady popularity…lets say by the time you spend $150 USD opening those letters…you spend already $775USD. Did you ever heard that curiosity killed the cat…in that case curiosity cost you money.

On the last paragraph I mention the cost of a letter it depends on the lady popularity…can you imagine how long does she doing that. "Wait a minute I can buy straight away the lady contact it will cost only $50USD". That’s true…you have to be sure she gives you permission to ask for her contact. That fact gives you guaranty you are corresponding with the lady on the pictures? Very wrong…the local agencies have their contacts…and even if they couldn’t keep you hook to the letters they will find a way of cheating you.

You’re ready to travel to Kiev or other city within the FSU countries. You’re excited with the fact you’re going to meet the lady or ladies of the pictures. You call the first lady…she’s very confused, she doesn’t know very well who you are…of course she doesn’t she’s receiving hundred of calls from other men…can you blame her! You begin to understand by now, but as you are in place you ask her to meet you. She says she’s living 1-hour drive from Kiev and asks you to pay her taxi run; it will cost you another $100USD. If you are well informed you know this is standard procedure…do you still want to meet that Professional Lover!

Let’s check the other lady…you call her, she answer the phone, she’s very nice and know perfectly who you are, she welcomes you to Kiev and demonstrate a great joy you travel so far to visit her. The next day you call her back and she doesn’t answer the phone, you try again and she disconnect the phone playing she’s busy. Now you starting to see how different they are from the beautiful letters. You don’t give up and you use the hotel phone to call her, she answer the phone and when realise it’s you she disconnect the phone on your face…"shit I might dial the wrong number can’t be the same lady from yesterday, that one is rude"…keep dreaming sucker. On the same night very late…I mean very late she sends a SMS… "I’m sorry I was busy all day; please phone me tomorrow, I’m waiting for your call". The next day you phone several times, send numerous SMS and still nothing. Again very late…"I had a very hard day, call you tomorrow". The next day you wait for the call, it is the previous day of your departure and she knows it…she have made the question the first day you call. Again very late a nice SMS arrives…"Hi can we meet tomorrow at 6PM on the corner of....". Honestly, you are 6 days in Kiev, she knows you’re there and travel so far to meet her, she sets a dinner date the day before your departure…do you still want to meet that Professional Lover?

Can you detect any scam? You may complain to the website administrator, he comes up with many excuses, and never agree with you…. It’s useless.

We will have the opportunity to post the complaining letter from our client and the answers from the online dating site administrator.

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