Monday, 9 February 2009


Under Investigation

We still investigating Darina Agency alias, the results will be posted very soon.

For the moment we can show our reader’s some signs of poor professionalism. By the comments of one of our reader’s we can also advance with certitude they are fraudsters. You may be sure the ladies intentions on that agency can be questionable.

One of our reader’s question if Darina Agency or is connected to We don’t think they are connected; the local dating agencies use those online dating sites to post their ladies profile. What we can question is the seriousness of the administrators of online dating agencies such as Dream Marriage, when we read on the press some of their absurd integrity statements. They must know how these agencies operate they share the profits.

Lets focus on Darina Agency…
On the member’s page you can read,

To send messages to the ladies before your meeting, we suggest you to register on our partner site:

Please check the link:

When we start to investigate Darina Agency activities their partner was,one of the BOGUS web sites, it’s possible before Love Lab their partner was

By the way we have contacted Anastasiya the manager of Darina Agency, and introduce her our blog, we know how they been reacting.

Another observation we can share with you, we let you be the judge.

Check those links:

Anastasiya and Margarita are the same person...or perhaps identical twins :)

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