Thursday, 12 February 2009


Did Mr. Tim Zelmer thought we bought their bullshit.

Source: 1888 Press Release, November 17, 2008

“At, we pride ourselves on not only listening to our customers, but doing whatever it takes to meet their needs,” said Tim Zelmer, Manager of Public Relations. “Over the years, the most common concerns our customers have had have revolved around the actual “how to” aspect of approaching the women on our site who they are interested in. Some customers felt intimidated about actually starting a conversation with a beautiful Russian woman in one of our chat rooms, while others weren’t certain about what the best ways to advance a relationship were after the initial conversation or email. The Dream-Marriage Dating Guide addresses those questions and concerns – and many, many more – with practical, easy to understand and implement tips, and so far the response to this section of our site has been 100% positive.”

Of course they help their customers “how to” get rid of their dollars.

“The Russian Dating Guide features hundreds of entries on topics as diverse as how to avoid getting scammed at online dating sites”

Mr. Zelmer you should introduce on your Russian Dating Guide the feature how to avoid getting scammed on Dream marriage. I understand Mr. Zelmer it's impossible mission.

“We firmly believe that for Dream-Marriage to continue to grow, both our current customers and our potential future customers need to have the tools and information to allow them to make their Russian dating experience the best it can be,” said Zelmer. “Our Russian Dating Guide is just one of the many ways that we are trying to ensure a positive, successful and fulfilling Russian dating experience for our customers. The hundreds of emails we receive from satisfied customers each month tells us that we are on the right track, and you can certainly expect further customer care areas to be added to the site in the near future.”

Mr. Zelmer with all those tools how come man still being scammed on your website. Of course like other online dating websites those figures are not part of your statistics.

"Founded in 2003, is one of the largest marriage and dating services for men seeking relationships with Russian women on the internet. The company has offices in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and other former USSR republics, and currently has over 120 partners throughout the former USSR. Dream-marriage plans to continue to expand the Russian Dating Guide with new entries for the foreseeable future."

Mr. Zelmer, Dream Marriage is one of the largest online dating confirmed fraudsters, and your experience goes far then 2003. I bet you are in your office in USA and you don’t know the reality of FSU countries. Your 120 partners, or should I say the local dating agencies are big time scammers.

" is a premier personalized marriage agency where client's satisfaction and concerns are our primary focus. We carefully select the ladies on our site by working with the most trusted local agencies throughout Former USSR. Recently we have introduced an industry innovation- "Confirmed Profile". This feature allows you to write to the girl knowing her identity was verified by the agency. All the ladies are real and we do not tolerate any form of scams."

Mr. Zelmer somebody has to tell you cannot trust those agencies, please get your ass out of your office and visit the local agencies in their countries. Swell the “Confirmed Profile” innovation helps a lot. Mr. Zelmer if you want to innovate you should add instead the “Confirmed Honesty” feature. Some of the ladies might be real, but are they serious about finding a man to marry…I know you have confirmed their intentions as well…get real Mr. Zelmer. Please add also a “Confirmed Good Intentions” feature. You do tolerate all forms of scams…either you’re blind or you consider your costumers as a bunch of ignorant idiots.

"We update our database daily and have 100% Anti-scam policy where no scam activity is tolerated."

It’s now common procedure; I must say it’s in vogue online dating agencies like yours introducing anti-scam policy. While you talk about other agencies and publish an entire lecture about dating scams you want to divert your costumer attention and not to alert. In reality you hope the costumer think you are serious by doing that.

Mr. Tim Zelmer you’re a laugh.

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