Monday, 23 February 2009


The Kiev Black Widow

We consider Svetlana Tsukrenko as the mother of all Ukrainian Pro Lovers. She lies as she breeds, an extremely good actress, or should we say CON ARTIST. She can make any men believe she's deeply in love; she can also infatuate the most experienced men. She has been working for online dating agencies at least for the past 5 years. We decide to call her "The Kiev Black Widow" after reading a report stating Black widow spiders are multiplying in Ukraine.

Be aware of this Pro Lover, she is extremely intelligent and heartless. She will never ask you for money. She chooses her victims after the first meeting. If you generous and naïf, she will rip you off without you even noticed. Meanwhile the agencies that introduce you to her are making money and share the profits with Svetlana.

We decide to award Svetlana Tsukrenko with a Blog only dedicated to expose her profile. If you have encountered that scammer, share with us your experience. Help other men to avoid being the next victim of Svetlana Tsukrenko, the Kiev black widow.

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