Friday, 6 February 2009


Dream Marriage Dating website is an elaborate illusion.

Here is why:

1.Automated Pop Up windows appear that claim certain women what to chat with the customer. When I accepted the offer, there was no one chating with my comments.

2.If customer wants to send a gift to a women, gifts are offered on the website. I chose flowers to send to a women and was promised by the website that I would receive a picture of the woman receiving the flowers. The picture never came, no did I receive a receipt from a flower shop that my order had been processed.

3.My in-box is literally full of 200+ e-mails from different women allegedly wanting to talk to me. I'm not that good looking.

4.I received a response from a lady on the site, and when I replied back, I received the exact e-mail she allegedly sent yesterday. Exactly word for word.

5.Website address is based in Santa Monica. That city has a glamorous population and and full of models. Santa Monica has easy access to talent agencies in Hollywood and model agencies trying to get their clients' images out to the world. It is so easy to scan those photos and pretend a real person is active on the site. Compare this site to real Russian dating sites, and it is like night and day.

6.E-mails and profiles all read the same with different words. To me it looks like a man writing what a woman would think. Men don't understand how women think, so it looks shallow. That last comment is based on opinion of course. No evidence to back it up.


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